Market Research

We analyze your brand, products or services, customer experiences & behaviors’ to identify market gaps and opportunities for brand positioning.

Brand Activations

Providing best opportunities for consumers to  experience your brand with their senses builds loyalty, encourages trial, and creates sense memory that ultimately drives purchase decisions.

Direct Selling

Direct contact between a seller and a consumer cutting off  any third parties.

This approach enables a brand to swiftly receive feedback from customers and can tailor its products or services to meet clients’ needs and market demand on the whole.

Trade Merchandising

We ensure that your beans stands out, benefits well communicated to consumers, products neatly and strategically placed in stores. We guarantee quality and best result on this.

Flyer Distribution

We assist in carefully selecting strategic locations like malls, streets, estates where product brochures and flyers can be distributed and positively impact the product.

Digital Marketing

A digital marketing campaign’s success in today’s multichannel digitalscape relies on a fully integrated approach. You want your media dollar to work harder for you. We design integrated campaigns that go the extra mile by integrating search ads, display ads, retargeting ads and social media, email marketing and referral marketing. This not only helps in extending the reach at a lower cost but multiplies your viewership by reaching out to a wider audience.

Product Launch

We focus on the customer and utilize existing data to inform launch strategy. We careful plan the stages of the product launch,: planning, execution and analysis. We provide the third eye, a bird eye view into the world of your customers.

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